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Young Kyro


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15 year old Kyro hails from the trenches of Uptown NW Washington DC, known to be one of the most violent areas of DC. Kyro with all odds against him started rapping at the age 13 and dropped his first single Disco at 14. From there Kyro has been on a roll with dropping his second single and video "Pressure". With the attention of labels and other artists Kyro has been able to see that he has the talent to take it all the way. Kyro talks about what he sees from growing up young in an environment that many his age don't make it out of and tells his story in the eyes of a young black youth growing up in America. With his stand out track Disco he touches on police harassment in a creative way by expressing his frustration of what they deal with on a regular basis. Now Kyro is ready to drop his 3rd single "Freestyle" off upcoming project "Young & Slimeyy"


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