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Kreezy Rax


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Kreezy Rax born as Kre’Sean Hoover on April 14, 1994 hails from the DMV area with birth place in Washington DC. Kreezy prepares for his first major release that his fans have been patiently waiting for. Truth Hurts 2 is the commercial release for Kreezy Rax and the project will depict his life and struggles through making it in life with all odds against him. His pain shows in his music with songs like “Sacrifices, Look At Me Now and Patience”. Kreezy first single off his project is Sacrifices that tells a story of what he had to do and go through to get him out of his situation of being broke and homeless with a family to feed. He speaks on how he used to live but also touches on how he has been able to better himself. Kreezy is able to tell the true story of what the streets brings but also talks on how his life has shaped him and allowed him to keep pushing to reach his goals. . Kreezy Rax is just not your average artist and with the release of Truth Hurts 2 the world now will be able to hear Kreezy Rax true story.


Truth Hurts 3
Truth Hurts 2
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