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Life is a river. It keeps going. Things always change, but stays the same. These are just a few concepts that Ciscero learned in his life, first starting in Flatbush, Brooklyn, second youngest of 9, he always looked at life through a different lense. Watching people come and go out of his and his mother's life, the one thing he knew was always constant, was his ability to create worlds he could always go to in his writing. From filling composition books with stories to poetry, writing stayed with him through his whole life. After hearing “Reminisce (Over You) and falling in love with hip hop at a young age, his writing and love for hip hop collided when he decided to drop out of college and do music full time. No longer able to watch the world continue to change and stay the same and not speak on it. He decided to do music full time, as it was the only thing he felt he was good at. Eventually linking with GoldLink and making his mark in the DMV circuit, Ciscero is ready to share his vision with the rest of the world.


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